High expansion foam generators

Description Weigh in Kg
“Mistral 300” fan 17.7
Foam options :
Self-educing device (and pick-up tube) 0.49
Foam expansion with mesh and coupling of Ø 300 5.65

High expansion foam generator

Inlet Outlet Expansion Flow


Working Pressure Dimensions Weight ref
DSP DN40 DSP DN-40 500 TO 500 225 7 927X495X902 55 07591


Angus Fire Hi-Combat Turbex  High Expansion Foam generators are designed to produce large capacities of high expansion foam, up to 200 cubic metres (7,000 cu.ft) per minute for fast and effective flooding of large and inaccessible spaces with minimal water consumption and subsequently minimal water damage. The unit is also capable of rapid smoke extraction(SX), positive pressure ventilation and removal of foam once the fire is extinguished.

Hi-Combat Turbex generators are ideally suited to a wide range of applications. These typically include filling enclosed areas with foam where carbonaceous materials and flammable liquids may be stored, such as basements, cellars, tunnels, roof voids, cable ducts, warehouses and mines. Large quantities of smoke can be extracted at the rate of 285 cubic metres (10,000 cu.ft) per minute by the Turbex Mk II at 7 bar g. inlet pressure with the special smoke extraction ducting. This facility can also be used for the removal of foam bubbles once the incident is over.

Each Hi-Combat Turbex utilises forced air technology and is powered by an enclosed maintenance free water turbine driving an aerofoil fan, so that only a pressurised water supply is required for operation with Angus Expandol High Expansion Foam concentrate, consumed at typically 4.5litres/min. A special in-built filter system protects the turbine and inductor from blockage due to solid particles in the water supply.

Working pressure: PN16

– Material: aluminum alloy

– Surface treatment: polyester coating

– Valve type: ball valve

– Operation: by lever 


– Working pressure: PN16

– Material: aluminum alloy

– Surface treatment: polyester coating

– Body type: moulded

– Expansion: approx.sx10               

Inlet Flow rate (lpm) Working  pressure(bar) Weight (kg) Ref.
Storz C/52 200 5 6,50 34593
Storz C/52 400 5 7,62 37133

– Working pressure: PN16

– Material: aluminum alloy and stainless steel

– Surface treatment: polyester coating

– Valve type: ball valve

– Operation: by lever

– Expansion: approx. x70

– Lift handle: yes

FRP Tank Mobile Foam Unit

– Mobile Foam Cart with Corrosion Resistant FRP Tank

– Lightweight and Durable for use in rugged conditions

– First aid and Rapid Deployment in high risk areas

– Easy access in narrow passages where Fixed Piping or Fire Vehicle are inaccessible.

Tank Capacity Item Code
100 Liters SKA-FE-MFUFRP
150 Liters
200 Liters

– Tank Mounted on a Steel Structure with 2 Solid Rubber Wheels for ease of mobility.

– Available with Tank Capacity of 100,150 and 200 Liters

– Aluminum Alloy Low Expansion Foam Branch 225 LPM or 450 LPM along with ddCorresponding 3 % or 6 % Fixed Inline Inductor made of Aluminum Alloy supplied as ddStandard Equipment

– Provision for Storage of 2 No of 15 Meters X 63 MM Type B Hose along with Couplings.

– Variable Inline Inductor, Medium Expansion Foam Generator and Fire Hoses are ddoptionally supplied.


Our range of foam ”MIXY EDUCTOR” operate according to the Venturi principle. As the pressurized water passes through the tip of the convergent pipe, a suction effect is created and the foam concentrated liquid is drawn up. The eductor is fitted with a non-return valve with a polyethylene ball valve, which prevents water from flowing back into the emulsifier tank. The metering orifice regulates the concentration flow and thus determines the percentage of the foam liquid from 0% to 6%. The control valve allows a constant dosage while pressure varies.


Extremely hazardous fires require top-level skills and innovative agents. Twin-Agent Fire Suppression Systems provide proven technology to fight large flammable liquid and gas fires. Twin-agent technology combines the fast flame knockdown of a dry chemical with the fire securing capabilities of aqueous film-forming foam. The twin-agent attack provides the most effective extinguishing and securing capability known for many flammable liquid fires. Industries that benefit most from the system include petroleum and petrochemical, marine ,natural gas, and aviation.



Charged Weight Effective

Discharge Time**



Nozzle Hose /Length Finish Agent / Charge Model
45 ft

(13.7 m)

1250 lb

(567 kg)

45 sec 8.0 lb/sec

(3.6 kg)

LR-44 1 in. x 100 ft

(30.5 m)

Epoxy Purple K/

350 lb (159) kg



A Twin-Agent Fire Extinguishing/Securing Unit (TAU) shall be furnished. The TAU shall be a combination potassium bicarbonate based dry chemical fire extinguishing/aqueous film-forming foam securingunit.

ANSUL twin-agent units shall be sold and serviced through an international network of independent distributors.

The ANSUL 450/100 TAU is a self-contained unit containing 450 lbs. of

PKW and 100 gallons of 3% ANSUL THUNDERSTORM AR-AFFF

premix solution. Two 220 ft3 (6.3 m3) nitrogen cylinders are used to

expel both agents through 50 ft (15.2 m) of twinned hose to the Williams

Hydro-Chem hand gun. The concentric discharge of foam and dry

chemical provide added range to the dry chemical discharge. The highly

visible PKW provides an added dimension of performance for frontline

fire fighters. The Hydro-Chem nozzle allows for individual or simultaneous discharge of agent with flow rates of 60 gpm (227.2 lpm) for foamand 5 lb/sec (2.3 kg/sec) for PKW dry chemical.