سه پایه نجات

سه پایه نجات
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LaTCH CS Tripod

Con fined Space Recovery System

Adjustable Aluminum Telescopic Legs

‘Floating ‘ Steel Feet with Rubber Non-Skid Pads

Anti-Spread Safety Chain or Webbing ( Both Supplied With Unit )

Hi Strength Cast Aluminum Head

4Eye Bolts – 1 Central and 3 Additional Attaching Points

Working Height : 1300mm to 2360mm

Working load limit : 500 kg

Weight : 14,3 kg

Complete with Carry Bag

LaTCH CS Rescue Lifting Device

Lifting / Lowering Winch

6.3 mm Diameter Steel Galvanized Cable

25 Meter Length

One Piece Reel

Automatic Brake to Avoid Unchecked Descent

Aluminum Holder to Fit LaTCH Tripod

Manual Operation ( Power Sourcs Not Required )

Max Working Load : 180 kg

Weight ( including rope ) : 11,5 kg

Ground Working Tent

Fast & Easy – Single Person – Set Up

~60 Second Assembly Time

High Visibility Yellow and White Design

Tie Down Securing Capability – lnside or Outside

Screen Windows with Flaps on Two Sides for Added Ventilation

Accommodates LaTCH Confined Space Tripod & Recovery System

Size : 1750*1750*1750 mm

Weight : 6.8 kg

Complete with Storage bag