3S Full-Facepiece Respirator

Over 50 versions for your convenience

Lens variants coated in polycarbonate & Triplex glass, also for

high mechanical and chemical resistance

Broad range of accessories

Standard: EN 136, Class 3, EN 136,

  Class 2 [3S Basic Plus],

  RU: GOST R 12.4.189-99,

  KZ: ST RK, GOST R 12.4.189-99,

  BY: STB GOST R 12.4.189-2006,

  AS/NZS 1716:2003

PAS Lighte

Lightweight and reliable with a good service life

Carrying system offers excellent load distribution

Various carrying modes

Especially suited for use in confined spaces

Innovative space-frame integrating the hoses to eliminate

entanglement and reduce snagging

Easy to clean and maintain service friendly design

Standard: EN 136:1998

PAS AirPack 1

  • Pressure reducer suitable for supplying breathable

quality air at an outlet medium pressure of 8 bar

nominal.(6 to 10 bar)

  • Pressure reducer suitable for connecting breathable

quality air at an input pressure  of either  200  or 300 bar.

  • Vent valves, to allow for the independent charging

Aeris Confort TYPE II

Ultra comfortable harness:cushion combat on the strap and belt

Amaid strap

3 carrying handless & 1 attachment point for lifeline

Standard: EN137 Type 2, MED, Das,    IMO & MSC

Compatible with large number of accessories

Air Hawk II

Light weight, durable

Pressure demand apparatus maintain positive air

Ergonomic back plate & harness assembly for comfortable, stable wear

Detachable component for easy maintenance

Easy release friction buckles

RN/A 1683 C FR

RN/A 1683 C FR is a type 1 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

specifically designed for fire fighting.

The back plate is made of  blow molded thermoplastic polypropylene

All harnesses and padding are in aramidic and para-aramidic material

and self-extinguishing foams.

The composite cylinder has a capacity of 6.8 liters with a pressure of

300 bar and is fitted with a valve according to EN 144.

The location of the warning device protects it from frost or dirt.

Standard: Certified Type 1 to EN 137:2006 and meeting with directives 89/686/

  EC (PPE), 97/23/EC (PED) and 96/98/EC (MED)


Emergency Escape Breathing Device

P/N 403020000

With one 2 L 300 bar steel cylinder granting 15 minutes duration.

The connection for the feeding hose, i.e. the hose connecting to the

demand valve for the medium pressure air supply

The safety valve

The refilling connector

Standard: EN 402:2003, EN 14593-1:2005,

BD mini

Small and lightweight

With 2 l/300 bar composite cylinder, weight less than 5 kg

Various carrying modes

Especially suited for use in confined spaces

Innovative state-of-the-art 1st stage pressure reducer with new,

modern design

For use with normal or positive pressure

10031385 Ultra Elite PS-MaXX masker

Standard: EN 136:1998


Compressed emergency escape  breathing apparatus

Inflatable air cushion for an automatic installation

Acoustic alarm that does not consume any air

Optional belt for a better hold

Standard: EN1146:2005, MED, SOLAS, IMO & MSC

Versaflo PAPR

Premium Hoods with Reusable Suspensions

Easy to select compatible modules

QRS (Quick Release Swivel) breathing tubes allow fast and easy


Breathable air is provided to the wearer; reducing the additional

breathing effort required.

Lightweight, compact and well-balanced designs.

Quiet system with reduced motor noise and air whistling.

Standard: ANSI Z89.1 Type I, Class G

Survivair Mask Mount.

Lightweight unit will not slow worker efficiency

Low cost High Efficiency (HE) filter helps to reduce inventory cost

The battery pack is water resistant, and contoured for wearer


Silicone facepiece offers high durability and unmatched comfort

Includes: facepiece, blower, battery charger, power cord, HE

filter, belt and air flow tester

Standard: Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2003 Licence No:0952


TURBINE PAPR are designed to protect the operator granting

high comfort, achieved by supplying the mask, the helmet or the

hood, with the ideal  flow rate to reduce the breathing effort to

a minimum without noxious flow on the face.

The ergonomic waist belt provided with soft pad.

Very low weight compared to the autonomy offered.

Standard: EN 12941:1998+A1:2002x+/A2:2008 class TM3.

  Complying with directive 89/686/EEC (PPE).

They are designed to withstand decontamination showers

Comfortable lightweight EPDM full face mask

Hard-coated polycarbonate lens affords 200° field of panoramic

vision, is scratch and impact resistant.

Wide sealing surface for comfort and excellent fit.

Lightweight, easy to use with 4 strap harness assembly for easy

adjustment and a reliable fit.

Standard: NIOSH Approved & EN 136 class 2

دستگاه پشتيباني کننده سيستم هاي هوارسان دائم مدل RL4603 :

اين دستگاه بعنوان واسط بين مخزن هواي فشرده تأمين شده توسط يک کمپرسور صنعتي و هر نوع سيستم هوارسان دائم قرار مي گيرد و نقش آن تعديل فشار، پالايش آلودگي موجود در هواي تأمين شده توسط کمپرسور صنعتي و هدايت آن به سيستم هوارسان انتخابي مي باشد. در عين حال با توجه به وجود 4 سيلندر 6 ليتري حاوي هواي پاک مستقر روي اين دستگاه اگر به هر علتي ادامه تأمين هوا از طريق کمپرسور فوق الذکر مقدور نبود، امکان ادامه فعاليت به مدت 4 ساعت براي يک اپراتور از طریق این سیستم مقدور مي باشد.


سیستم دارای یک شلنگ 50 متری می باشد که در صورت اضافه کردن چهارشاخه تنفسی امکان اضافه کردن به طول شلنگ مقدور می باشد.

سیستم برای استفاده از یک نفر می باشد که در صورت اضافه کردن چهارشاخه تنفسی برای استفاده 2 نفر نیز امکان پذیر می شود.