Stratos-Micra 25 is intended to provide LOCALISED incipient fire detection only. This means that it is suitable for the substantial range of applications typified by; small non-compartmentalised rooms, warehouse racking, or pieces of electronic or electromechanical equipment where it is desirable to achieve individual incipient fire reporting. In compartmentalised rooms, each compartment would normally use individual Stratos-Micra 25 detectors.


Stratos-Micra 100 has two pipe inlets and supports a maximum of 100 meters of sampling pipe .Stratos-Micra is available with an optional ‘Piped Exhaust’ type Docking Station. This is primarily intended to allow the Stratos-Micra detector to sample from areas which may be at different air pressure to the detector location. Typical uses are for air-duct sampling and allowing the installation of the detector in under-floor or ceiling voids or when sampling from pieces of computer related equipment.


Stratos-HSSD 2 embodies innovative features which depart from accepted techniques for detectors which operate at very high sensitivity. Perhaps the most important feature of the system is the adoption of a patented ‘artificial intelligence’ known as ClassiFire-3D. This controls all aspects of the system operation. ClassiFire-3D ensures that Stratos-HSSD 2 operates at maximum SAFE sensitivity to give warning of problems earlier than previously considered possible.