Foam Filled Oil Boom FOB 750/25m

Lamor Foam Filled Oil boom (FOB) has been designed to provide a quick and dependable means of oil containment. The Lamor FOB is equally suited to emergency deployment or permanent use in harbors or oil terminals. The FOB is available in sizes varying from 350- 1500 mm total height. As standard, the FOB is supplied in 25 m sections but can be modified to different section lengths according to the requirement. We have here specified the boom with total height of 750 mm (30”) and 25 m (82 ft).


The Lamor FOB booms comprise an expansion fold between every second float to avoid stress on boom fabric. The two sewn webbing bands will take the pressure and secures by that means the boom fabric from damage.


The 25 m sections quoted are supplied with an ASTM coupling in the other end and a stainless steel U-Bolt connector in the other end; ASTM quick coupling on every 50 meters. The Lamor Foam Filled Oil Boom can also be specified with other end connectors according to customer’s choice, such as ASTM´s or combinations.


The Lamor FOB is manufactured using highly visible red PVC coated woven 1100 dtex polyester which is resistant to the effects of oils and sunlight, this fabric fulfills the highest quality standards.


The Lamor Hydraulic operated Storage Winder HSR L1717 is designed to store up to 200 m length of 350- 750 mm high foam filled oil boom (FOB), 150 m FOB 900 or higher, or 250 m inflatable light oil boom (ILB) or self inflatable Auto boom (LAB). The maximum storage capacity for each size and type of boom must be confirmed with Lamor representative.

The light weight reel frame is manufactured in steel and the spool in marine grade aluminum. The reel frame comprises fork lift channels and 4-point lifting points as standard for easy handling both on and offshore.

Disc Module Minimax

The Minimax 25 can also be fitted with a disc bank module for the recovery of light to medium oils with very low free water content, typically 3 to 5% The disc module is designed to very quickly replace the brush module as required and can easily be lifted out of the body and replaced in just a minute with no tools. The disc bank consists of 9 aluminum discs for durability and long life with PTFE scrapers. The recovery capacity is nominally 10 m³/h depending on the oil viscosity and temperature This skimmer is the latest of Lamor next generation developments and is very light and efficient .

Lamor Minima x

The Lamor Minimax 25 is a light-weight, modular oil skimmer that is easily transported and quickly assembled with no tools. The Minimax 25 utilizes oleophilic brush, disc or drum recovery banks and is designed to recover oil from inland waters, lakes, rivers, shoreline, and nearshore environments including Arctic scenarios.

A modular system, the Minimax 25 consists of three easily assembled parts: a skimmer body, a collection hopper, and a recovery bank. The standard recovery bank is a stiff brush module that can be interchanged with a disc or drum recovery bank module. The simple design can be dissasembled by hand in less than a minute providing full access to the interior of the unit facilitating on-site maintenace and cleaning.

The skimmer’s frame and hopper are made of durable, molded polyethylene that is extremely easy to clean. The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and has a low power requirement. The unit can be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system.


Power PackLPP Transfer Pump

The Hydraulic Power Pack LPP 6 with a C75 Oil Transfer Pump is a hydraulic power source and pump for skimmers and other hydraulically operated equipment such as boom reels, air blow- ers, pumps, and other equipment. The power pack is a light- weight, easily portable power solution for a variety of scenari- os including remote locations.

The LPP 6 C75 is driven by a 5.4 kW (7.2 hp) single cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine mounted with an oil transfer pump, a hydraulic pump, hydraulic power outlet connectors, a hydraulic oil tank with a hydraulic return filter, a fuel tank, an operation valve, and a battery inside a durable and portable steel, double-wheeled chassis with collapsible handlebars that provide maneuverability and easy transport. The LPP is equipped with a simple electric start and a backup manual start.


This ١٠٠٠ Litre Rebottled IBC with Steel Pallet is manufactured using a new inner bottle but contained within a reconditioned galvanised steel frame. This non-UN approved product means it has a classification of non-hazardous liquid storage. The inner bottle of this container is manufactured from blow moulded high-density polyethylene (HPDE) with bevelled edges. This IBC is food safe and BPA free making it suitable for storing liquids for human consumption including drinking water, milk, alcohol and oils.

What is a rebottled IBC?

A rebottled IBC is constructed using a brand new virgin inner bottle within a used steel frame. Any products stored within a rebottled IBC will only come into contact with a brand new container. They can be used for exactly the same purposes as a new IBC. The rebottling process consists of chemically cleaning the steel frame and replacing the inner bottle with a brand new one, including a new lid and valve.

What is an IBC?

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are reusable industrial containers, which are designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids. They are stackable containers, mounted on a pallet that is designed to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack. The tubular galvanised steel frame around the container guarantees utmost stability. This also fits perfectly into the grooves of a plastic pallet; both below and above the container which enables an exact positioning and problem-free stacking.